In today's world of entrepreneurship, good photography is a marketing must.


Branding photography is available for those who want their social media, online portfolios, and marketing collateral to reflect the hard work that goes into their business and highlight the products you use and sell, in order to attract your ideal clients. 


  • Entrepreneurs who are about to launch their business

  • Businesses going through a rebrand

  • Photographers who never step in front of the camera and need head shots

  • Anyone looking to enter a new market by cleaning up & refining the images used to represent their business

  • Artists who would like some process photos to display how they create

Branding sessions include styling + photography by Christine Gosch. The different types of photos  can vary, and can either be photojournalistic or styled photos, head shots, product photos, behind the scenes or creative process photos, or any combination of the aforementioned. Branding sessions are captured on a mixture of film and digital photography. As each business is unique, so are the sessions in price, level of involvement, and content. Please contact the office for more information regarding your custom session.

Christine Gosch brand photography

My name is Christine & I like to shoot meaningful things, whether it be weddings or hardworking business owners and their products. My heart has a deep appreciation for people and their stories. I feel a real connection to fellow small business owners wanting to put their best foot forward when it comes to showing off their businesses.

My photographic style is simple and I strive to tell stories with every photo gallery I deliver. Your vision for your business has depth & soul, and so should your images. I utilize both color and black & white film stocks, and I am a big fan of quality over quantity. 

I'd love to tell your story.


Houston brand photography christine gosch


planning out your shoot


Once you book a branding photography session, we choose a date to meet up over coffee or via Google Hangouts if you're not local to the Houston, Texas area. Before we meet up, you'll complete a questionnaire to help navigate our meet up. When we're able to get together either in person or on-line, we talk all things regarding your brand, your vision, your expectations, our collective ideas, inspiration, your questionnaire answers, and much more. Consultations are at least an hour long, and by the time we leave we know potential shoot dates, the duration of the shoot, what kinds of images you'll be receiving, where we're shooting, what kinds of final products you'll be ordering, if any, along with other details pertaining specifically to your business branding photography session.

Houston product photography christine gosch


vendors, locations, styling tools


Once we've discussed how your images will look and what we will need for your shoot, we will then work backwards to prepare for the big day by sourcing the elements needed. Now that we have the final vision in our heads, we'll take the necessary steps to make that happen! I have a small inventory of styling objects & props that I can bring along depending on the nature of the shoot, and you will have your own tools to contribute as well, especially if you want to portray your creative process in your branding photos. If there are other outside elements you're envisioning to best represent your business in the shoot, I will help you source those vendors or items so you can build your branding shoot dream team.

houston lifestyle photographer christine gosch


making the magic


The day has arrived and we're ready to rock. We'll arrive at the location of the shoot. For some it will mean their home, workshop, or office. For others it will mean a rented studio or different type of space. To maintain a clean and minimal aesthetic, we may have to take things down from the walls, rearrange furniture, and style the room to maximize the purpose of your photos, which is to focus on you + your business. Once we're done shooting for the booked amount of time, I send your film off to be developed. In 4 weeks you receive your online gallery with high resolution JPEG images to use in your marketing collateral, portfolio, and social media accounts. 

houston branding photographer christine gosch


invest in your business

Clients can expect to spend anywhere between $500 and $2000 on their brand session.


Each branding session is as unique as the business or artist it belongs to, so I like to video chat with each and every client before booking to make sure that we are a good fit and that we have a clear vision going into the branding shoot. Please contact the office for more details regarding sessions and availability.