4 facts about your mini brand session

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what is a mini brand session?

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I just wanted to shine a spotlight on the first brand collection that I offer: the mini brand session. This option is a perfect fit for those looking for a small handful of images to either promote a seasonal product, highlight custom work, or have a small number of products documented. For this blog post in particular, I’m showing you all of the images from a recent mini brand session with Little Carabao Studio. La Rue of Little Carabao Studio had two real clients with beautiful invitation suites, so she utilized my mail-in option and shipped me the invitation suites to be photographed for her portfolio.

Below are 4 things you need to know about mini brand sessions:

1) Mini brand sessions take place at my home studio office

Most mini sessions don’t last more than 30-60 minutes, so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for me to pack up all of my gear, load up my car, drive an hour to a downtown studio, shoot for 30 minutes, pack and load everything back up, head home, and unload my car. For this reason, I shoot all mini brand sessions at my home studio office. If you’re hellbent on having a mini session in Paris, France (hey… really, though. sign me up) or elsewhere, then I would just tack on travel fees to your mini session collection.

2) You can be present for the shoot, or you can mail me your products

if you a) want to be in any of the photos for your mini brand session, or

b) just want to see how I work, keep me company, and eat a cheeseboard & drink wine with me,

you are absolutely welcome to come along to your mini brand session. Alternatively, if you’re not local to the Houston, Texas area, you can mail in your products for me to style and photograph. Regardless of whether you’re able to attend or not, you will still be actively involved in the aesthetic decisions of your mini brand shoot (bringing us to #3!)

3) We will collaborate on all of the design elements that play a part in your shoot

I’m going to give you a prime example of how La Rue and I worked together on these images. La Rue utilized the mail-in option for her mini brand shoot, so she was not present during shooting. Along with her invitation suites, she mailed in ribbon, ring boxes, and stamps because she wanted those to play a part in her images. We also had a little discussion about what color she wanted the background to be (white or grey). So I utilized a textured, light grey (nearly white) background based on her preference and my knowledge of how a textured background would photograph on film. Teamwork. High fives all around!

4) You receive about 20 final, high resolution images from a mini brand session

Since I shoot film, I budget each and every frame for a particular shot. I always recommend keeping the shot list limited (5-7 ideas/ shots/ set ups) so we’re sure to get variety within that one vignette. It ends up being about 20 images total. As you can see in La Rue’s images, we ended up with 18 images of the 2 invite suites, but we captured variety within each suite.

I hope everything here made sense! Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever. If you feel like you are in need of a mini brand session, please feel free to reach out via the CONTACT tab. Or that link, which is conveniently placed for you. Whatever you want, it’s your life. Happy weekend!

Brand photographer: Christine Gosch | Wedding invites, paper goods, and stationery: Little Carabao Studio

new brand session pricing

Christine Gosch - film photographer

new brand photo session pricing

film brand photographer

Hello all! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! This past December marked one full year of photographing amazing brands, and I’m so enjoying where this unique path is taking me. I love meeting new people and seeing how things work (along with photography, obviously), which is exactly what a brand session is. Seeing how different businesses, creators, artists, and entrepreneurs want to portray their vision to potential clients is such a beautiful and interesting thing to me. I’m so happy to play a small role in your marketing!

I just wanted to pop in really quickly and let you know about my new brand session pricing. I believe in being transparent as a business, and I didn’t want to hike up my pricing without a formal announcement. This past year, I offered very affordable (read: pretty much at cost) brand sessions at an introductory price to build up my portfolio. I’m so grateful to all of my clients this past year that trusted me with their images. Without them them, I wouldn’t have made it a full year! Now that it’s 2019, I’ve introduced new pricing. I’ve restructured my new collections based on the numbers of images you need as opposed to coverage times, which I think will generally make things easier for individuals or companies needing new photos to represent their businesses. In most cases, inquiries come to me knowing how many images they’ll need based on the particular uses of the images (the number of images needed for their website, marketing for one month on IG, etc…) There will be 3 levels of investment: mini, half, and full brand sessions.


20-24 images


50 images


100 images

All collections include styling + high resolution images delivered via online gallery.

If you’re looking to book your own brand session, feel free to email me at info@christinegosch.com