isidore and augustine brand session

Isidore and Augustine - Christine Gosch - film photographer - letterpress wedding invitations

Brand photographer Christine Gosch


Creating letterpress wedding invitations and wedding paper good designs like place cards, seating charts, and wedding signage, Nicolette Selman of Isidore and Augustine has an effortless and timeless feel to every design she produces. It wasn’t until early 2018 that Nicolette brought her already-thriving business to the next level in many ways, including doing a total rebrand of her business and investing in a letterpress machine. She was kind enough to invite me into her studio space to take some photos of her working her magic with her letterpress machine (and of course the studio pup, Caroline who is my new bestie).

Nicolette started by showing me how the machine works- where she places the custom polymer plates that press the design onto the paper, which lever to pull to activate the press, how to get the machine going, how and where to oil it, and how she meticulously places the paper she’s letter pressing. You can tell she’s got a definite rhythm down while working on the machine, something that becomes necessary when you have client orders of 200+ invitations to produce! It was actually kind of intimidating to watch her navigate this beast so seamlessly. Nicolette said once she got the hang of using the letterpress machine, muscle memory formed and it’s easy as pie to use.

After showing me how the machine worked, she explained and showed me how to mix the ink to apply to the machine, which then transfers to the polymer plate in order to leave the design on the paper. It’s such an interesting thing to watch happen. When you own a business in which there are so many aspects of behind the scenes, I think it’s so important to show that off to potential clients. It’s so special that Nicolette can do her letterpress work in-house now that she has her own machine, so that’s just another selling point for her business. Branding photos are so important for businesses like hers because now, people can see how she produces the amazing work that she does!

Photograph: Christine Gosch | Stationery design + letterpress: Nicolette Selman of Isidore + Augustine | Film lab: The FIND Lab