new branding photo options

TWO exciting new features, folks! I've just updated my branding photo session pricing with the addition of an a la carte option & a mail-in option. More info below:

Just as a refresher, I've been offering my sessions at the current rates:

Portrait & behind the scenes branding sessions start at $600

Full branding sessions with products and styling start at $900

Christine Gosch branding

And now, I've begun to offer a la carte branding photo galleries with approximately 8 images for $250 for businesses or artists who do not need a whole gallery, but rather need a few photos of a new product or offering. Think of it as a mini photo session!

The next exciting new offering is a mail-in option, where you're able to mail me your products to style & photograph. 

Each branding session is as unique as the business or artist it belongs to, so I like to video chat with each and every client before booking to make sure that we are a good fit and that we have a clear vision going into the branding shoot. Please contact the office for more details regarding sessions and availability.