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Erin Rhyne handcrafting clay flowers to create a headpiece accessory

Erin Rhyne handcrafting clay flowers to create a headpiece accessory


The nouns and verbs I want to photograph

There are so many things I want to photograph on this earth, so I figured if I put this wishlist out into the universe, perhaps someone might see this and want to fill the need! If you are associated with any of the following professions and need fresh visual content to share with your followers or potential clients, I'd love to talk with you about a brand photo session!

destination floral workshop

This is something that I've always wanted to photograph. Not only would I shoot the classroom teachings, florals, location, and details, but to be able to gift attendees of a workshop with a classic portrait in a beautiful destination doing what they love, would make my heart soar.


In my head, I'm imagining this scenario without the gore. This would be a studio session shooting the more refined and clean cuts that a butcher works with, along with their creative process behind what they do. I would also want to shoot their tools, and some portraits thrown in there. 


Ideally in a studio space of a painter with great natural light, I'd love to capture them seeking sources of inspiration and mixing colors to get the perfect palette for an upcoming painting. The I'd like to capture the process of painting, and photograph the painting when it's complete.

gourmet chef

Ok, this one kind of gets me giddy just thinking about it because I stinkin' love food. I want to shoot a chef completing a couple of plates (obviously well-styled with killer presentation) and I want to shoot the completed plates.

bread baker

Imagine flour being tossed onto a surface, dough being kneaded, gluten tests being performed (which yes, I totally learned from The Great British Baking Show). I think some motion-filled process photos and some well-styled 'product' photos here of the completed goods would be how I approach this shoot.

glass blower

Haven't ever met a glass blower, but I love watching videos of this happening. I'm inspired by the fire & motion, the transparency of the glass being formed, and of course the final product. 


This one should have already happened (my husband is a woodworker). But alas! I'm envisioning a day-in-the-life-type-of-shoot. A wooden product from start to finish. We begin with a trip to the lumber yard to pick out planks of wood. Then home to prep the wood and ready the equipment. Then process photos, completed product, styled photos, and portraits.

textile artist

I just really need to see someone working with a loom in my lifetime. I love when artists of any kind use a manual, old school method, so to see this, along with the tools needed to compose a textile of sorts would be so nuts. 


Maybe my love for the movie Coco is showing here, but a day in the Rivera shoemakers HQ would be a dream. Cutting and shaping leather sounds especially lovely, but the part I always think would be lovely to photograph would be is nailing the sole onto the shoe. And the hands of the shoemakers.

bartend specialist

Pouring drinks, beautiful glassware, styled shots with drinks and their ingredients, action shots, and well-styled portraits. What else could you ask for to represent this fun profession! 

bridal designer

As a wedding photographer, this one is a bit near and dear to my heart. I'd love to see some sketches (and some styled photos of the sketches), along with the rough making/ pinning of a gown on a dress form. To see the end product through the eyes of a designer (and maybe even a bride saying yes to the dress) would be really neat. 


I don't know that I need to do much expanding on this one because C'MON. How cool would photos of this be? The ceramicist's studio, pottery wheel, tools, messy hands, clay, apron, etc… *sigh* it sounds so messy and organic and wonderful.

skincare line

I would particularly like to work with an organic, natural line that offers creams and exfoliants. If they offer toners, cleansers, or masks, even better. I think the textures and purposes of the creams would inspire each different type of styled shot, and I would like to photograph very minimal product shots as well.


This is all I have for now, but as I think of new things I will add them to the list! Thanks for reading!


erin rhyne brand shoot



handcrafted headpieces for weddings and special occasions

Let me tell you about my friend Erin Rhyne who just so happens to be the human version of a ray of sunshine. Along with being one of the most true, genuine, funniest, and most caring people on the planet, she also creates these beautiful handcrafted headpieces for weddings and special occasions. Each one is unique and can be used as a bridal accessory or flower crown, as a headpiece for any special occasion or event, or even to jazz up your everyday look.

If you follow my blog posts, you might remember that I shared some images a few posts back of Erin's work. In that post, we showcased how you can style her pieces, along with a few 'portraits' of her accessories. While we're both very proud of those images, Erin had been talking about how much she loved seeing other artists' process photos, especially if they created handcrafted goods. She decided she wanted some process photos of her own to showcase.

When we got together to shoot, it was amazing to watch and photograph Erin in her element. Each individual flower starts out as a small ball of clay. She rolls it, portions out each petal, making sure each petal gets realistic veins, and shapes the flower. The clay flowers then need about a day to cure and harden so Erin can continue onto the next phase of crafting the flowers. Once they're dry and hard, she adds the fine detail like gold flecks or paint, depending on the look that she's trying to achieve for each headpiece. Once the flowers are done, that's when the construction of the headpiece begins. 

This whole process was incredible to photograph. It made me realize the immense amount of love and work that goes into each piece. Not only are these works of art amazing and unique to have for your wedding day, but it's now a precious family heirloom ready to be passed down from you to the next generation. No two accessories are exactly alike and each has it's own story, and that's exactly what I'm all about supporting. Creative small businesses who put their all into the quality products & services they offer. It's a special kind of small business that you can invest in that you won't be able to find at any chain of businesses. 

Photographer: Christine Gosch | Floral headpieces: Erin Rhyne | Film lab: The FIND Lab